About Lexus

In 1983, Toyota chairman Eiji Toyoda called together the strategists, engineers and management behind the success of Toyota for a classified meeting. There he divulged a plan to create a luxury vehicle that would compete with the best. 20 designers and engineers were relocated to what can be considered the pinnacle of affluent suburbs - Laguna Beach. Immersing themselves in the culture of lavish homes, affluent schools and five-star restaurants, they came to grasp the concept of American luxury.

Six years, 1 400 engineers and $1 billion later, the Lexus LS400 was released in the United States.

Almost 20 years on, Lexus has become synonymous with sophistication, performance, safety and refinement - the ideals of contemporary luxury. By 1992 Lexus was outselling its German rivals to become the number one luxury import vehicle in the US.

Today, Lexus International reaches across the globe. The driving force behind every division of Lexus is to enrich society through the manufacturing of world class vehicles. In such a dynamic world and era in which we live, such a pursuit requires continuous devotion to redesigning, reshaping and adapting vehicles to cater for and apply any technological advancement that helps meet these ends.

The need to experience amazing compels us as a corporate to engage in international discourse and meet the needs of those communities whose lives we are looking to enrich. This means going beyond the manufacturing of vehicles.