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Credit Protection Policy

What it's about

Credit life protects you and your family in the event of your death, permanent disability, temporary disability, retrenchment or diagnosis of a dread disease.

How will you benefit

In the event of your:

  • Death: This benefit will pay out what you still owe your finance provider.
  • Permanent Disability: This benefit will pay out what you still owe your finance provider.
  • Temporary Disability: While you are temporarily disabled you will receive an amount of money equal to your monthly instalments.
  • Dread Diseases: The policy will pay out what you still owe your financial provider once there is a conclusive diagnosis of the dread disease.
  • Retrenchment: Your monthly instalment will be paid for a maximum period of 3 months per claim, but limited to a maximum period of 6 months after a waiting period of 3 months.

GAPP (Guaranteed Auto Protection Plan)

What it's about

This policy operates together with your Comprehensive Policy. It will give you additional cover should your Vehicle be damaged, written off or stolen and you find that the money your insurer pays out is not enough to cover what you still owe your finance provider.

How will you benefit

Shortfall Cover

  • Will pay the difference between what your Comprehensive Insurance pays and what you owe the bank, excluding arrears, arrear interest  up to a maximum of R1 500 000.
  • This benefit will pay up to a maximum of R15 000 towards your excess on your comprehensive insurance claim.

Loyalty Bonus benefit

  • We will pay R15 000 towards the purchase of a replacement vehicle of your choice from a Lexus dealership within 3 months of finalising the Underlying Policy claim.

Instalment Protector Benefit

  • Pays your monthly vehicle instalment to the finance provider if the vehicle is declared a Total Loss. The maximum monthly payment will be equal to your vehicle instalment, but limited to R5 000.

Expense Assist Benefit

Deposit Protector

What it's about

This policy will pay back the deposit that you paid at the time of purchasing your new or used Lexus, in the event it is written off, or stolen and not recovered, or damaged beyond economical repair.

How will you benefit

  • This policy will pay the deposit paid by you at the original purchase date.
  • The maximum payment is R500 000.

Retrenchment Policy

What it's about

In our current struggling market economy, the chance of being retrenched and being left with no funds to pay your debt is unfortunately high.

This policy will take care of your monthly vehicle instalment, leaving you to focus on finding alternative employment without the worry of  monthly vehicle instalments.

How will you benefit

  • This benefit is only payable in the event of involuntary retrenchment.
  • While you are retrenched, the policy will pay your full instalments (including insurance premiums, but specifically excluding arrear interest and arrears).
  • The maximum time period over which you will be covered for is 9 months limited to a maximum of 6 months for the 1st claim.
  • There is no cover for the first 3 months of this policy.

Streamline maintenance plan

Everyday wear and tear not only decreases the value of your vehicle, but it becomes unsightly over time if not maintained. Keep your vehicle in showroom condition all times.

How will you benefit

Interior damage such as scratches scuffs and tears.

  • Exterior damage such as minor dents, chips and scratches. We pay up to R4500 incl VAT per maintenance repair. No limit to the number of repairs needed.
    No excess payment

Matters of Importance

At the time of taking out the policy, please ensure that:

   All material facts are accurately, fully and properly disclosed by you.

   All information provided by you or on your behalf is your own responsibility.

   You need to be satisfied with the accuracy of any transaction submitted by your intermediary on your behalf.

   Misrepresentation, incorrect or non-disclosure by you of any material facts or circumstances may impact negatively on any claims arising from your insurance contract.

The Toyota Financial Services products are underwritten by: The Hollard Insurance Company Limited, Reg. No. 1952/003/004/06

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